Established : 1980

Company Status : Private Limited

No. of Employees : 35 - Qualified (EN 287-1)

Turnover Size : 1.25 Million

Main Building Size : 52m x 30m

Access Doors : 6m x 6m

External Storage : 1 acre+

Main Business Activities

Advanced engineering facilities for the design, fabrication and assembly of tanks, ducts, process pipework and all types of conveyors and packaging equipment in a wide range of materials including stainless steel, aluminium, high carbon steel, high nickel alloys, etc.

Product Quality - Advantage

AQAP MoD Approved Contractor.


Fabrication Equipment

Rhodes Guillotine        2.5m x 10mm

Barnes Pressbrake        50 tons - 1500 x 12mm

Cincinnati Pressbrake        150 tons x 4m x 8mm

Pyramid Rollers         2.5m x 20mm

Town Radial Arm Drill        4 Ft Column

Trumpf Nibbler

Plasma Cutting Equipment        2mm - 20mm

Pug Straight line Burner        6mm - 40mm

Startrite Band Saw

Startrite Cutting Saw        2 off

14" Cut Off Saw

Meddings Bench Drill

Herbert Pedestal Drill

Pedestal grinders        2 Off


Colchester Lathe


Sheetmetal Working Equipment

Guillotines        2 Off - 2m x 3mm  1.5m x 2mm

Edwards Box and Pan Folder         14 SWG x 3m Mild Steel

Edwards Lockformers         16 SWG Mild Steel

Lockformer        20 SWG Mild Steel

Edwards Swager         18 SWG

Edwards Jenny         18 SWG

Morgan Handrolls         16 SWG Mild Steel

Fly Press

Spot Welder

Bearing Press

Flange Former Edge Tool         16 SWG

Welding Capacity

Welding to BS 4870 - 4871 And ASME IX

Aluminium and Stainless Steel Welding

Mig Welding Sets         6 Off

FCR 400 VC        2 Off

Hobart Mig Welder

Migatronic Welder

Oil Cooled Welding Transformers         2 Off

Lincon 240 AMP

Oxford 300 AMP

Mobile Gen Sets         2

Profile Cutting Capacity

Profile Cutting Service in Ferrous and Non Ferrous Materials


Painting Plant Fully Enclosed - 8m x 4m

Spraying and Powder coated

Sandblasting Facility

Crane - 5 ton

Fork Lift Truck x 2 Ton Capacity